Changing How People Feel… One Meal at a Time

Jon’s Newtrition Kitchen brings your fruition through nutrition with Red Seal chef created home meal delivery, catering, customized meal plans, and fresh and nutritious snack bars. All meals are focused on clean eating and your needs.

Jon’s motto as a chef has always been fresh is best. Bringing in fresh ingredients and using them immediately to utilize and intensify their flavour and nutritional content has been Jon’s mainstay approach. An open mind is also a big asset and driving force as people’s wants as well as nutritional information is constantly changing. Reducing and blending flavours, small amount of oils, cooking methods, and variety are key in Jon’s philosophy.

In 2014, Jon enrolled in the nutrition program to follow what had become his direction as a chef. To carry his new found wellspring of health to the public was his new mission in life: to change how people feel, one meal at a time.